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Bruno Albert

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PhD student in the SDC team (formerly BFO team) of the ICube laboratory of the University of Strasbourg since December 2015. The PhD project is a partnership between the company INEVA, the SYMME laboratory of the University of Savoy and the ICube laboratory of the University of Strasbourg.


ICube Laboratory
Télécom Physique Strasbourg
300 bd Sébastien Brant - CS 10413
F - 67412 Illkirch cedex
Office: C320
Email: bruno.albert @


PhD Thesis

Title: Tactile quality control of products Formalizing the tactile control process of a product and proposing an automation approach

Promotor: Cecilia Zanni-Merk (Senior Tenured Associate Professor, ICube-SDC)

Co-advisor: Maurice Pillet (Senior Tenured Associate Professor, SYMME-Université de Savoie)

Funding: CIFRE - INEVA

Overview: Perceived quality is a major factor of the choice and judgment of a product. Usually reduced to the appearance only, perceived quality refers to different senses, including touch, which is the topic of the proposed work. Generally described by subjective criteria, these data are hardly usable by design, industrialization and quality offices. These services would very much benefit from a formalized expertise process capable of converting the data from these senses into objective data. During this project, robust methodologies will be proposed, in order to develop relevant and repeatable measuring means of the tactile perceived quality of a product.


A list of my publications can be found here.