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Florence le Ber

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Dr. Engineer, HDR in computer sciences

Ecole Nationale du Génie de l'Eau et de l'Environnement de Strasbourg (ENGEES) : national engineering school of environmental hydraulics

Director of the research departement of ENGEES

E-mail: florence.leber at

Web (ENGEES) : (french)

Phone: 33 3 88 24 82 30

Current and recent Projects

  • AFB (2019-2020) : A tool for extracting temporal patterns of water quality status changes (dir. Corinne Grac, LIVE)
  • CS ENGEES (2019-2020) : AdQeau - Analysing water quality changes (with Pierre Gançarski)
  • CS ENGEES (2016-2018) : Automatic recognition of sketch maps (dir. Carine Heitz, Geste)
  • API ICube SEMNET (2017-2018) : Sensor Networks for Smart Factories
  • ONEMA (2015-2016) : Temporal data mining of national data on water courses (dir. Corinne Grac, LIVE)
  • ANR FRESQUEAU (2011-2015) : Data mining for assessing and monitoring the hydrobiological quality of water streams (dir. Florence Le Ber)
  • AERM project Gerihco (2010-2013 / 2015-2017) : Interdisciplinay approach to understand the muddy flood risk (dir. Anne Rozan, Geste)


  • Data Mining (master "Environmental Geography ")
  • Description logics (master "Computer sciences")

Previous labs

  • INRA Nancy, LIAB (1991 - 1999)
  • LORIA INRIA, équipe Orpailleur (2000 - 2002)
  • CEVH (2003 - 2008)
  • LHYGES (2009 - 2012)

Recent Publications

  • Articles

A. Braud, X. Dolques, A. Gutierrez , M. Huchard , P. Keip , F. Le Ber, P. Martin , C. Nica, P. Silvie. Dealing with Large Volumes of Complex Relational Data using RCA. CDA_FCA'2020, Rokia Missaoui, Léonard Kwuida, Talel Abdessalem (Eds.), Springer, to be published

A. Ouzerdine , A. Braud, X. Dolques, M. Huchard , F. Le Ber. Adjusting the exploration flow in Relational Concept Analysis -- An experience on a watercourse quality dataset. Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management, Rakia JAZIRI (Eds.), Springer, to be published

C. Nica, A. Braud, F. Le Ber. RCA-Seq: An original approach for enhancing the analysis of sequential data based on hierarchies of multilevel closed partially-ordered patterns. Discrete Applied Mathematics, Volume 273, 15 February 2020, pp. 232-251

A. Braud, X. Dolques, M. Huchard, F. Le Ber. Generalization effect of quantifiers in a classification based on relational concept analysis. Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 160, 15 November 2018, pp. 119-135

F. Le Ber, X. Dolques, L. Martin, A. Mille, M. Benoît Raisonner à partir de cas d’allocation dans des parcelles agricoles RIA - Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2017, 2017 (6), pp. 681-707

X. Dolques, F. Le Ber, M. Huchard, C. Grac. Performance-friendly rule extraction in large water data-sets with AOC posets and relational concept analysis. International Journal of General Systems, Taylor & Francis, 2016, 45 (2), pp. 187-210.

J. Wiederkehr, C. Grac, B. Fontan, F. Labat, F. Le Ber, M. Trémolières. Experimental study of the uncertainty of the intrasubstrate variability on two French index metrics based on macroinvertebrates. Hydrobiologia, Springer, 2016, 779(1), pp. 59–73.

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