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  • 2022/03: Welcome to Kossi Fianko who starts his internship in the team, working on MALDI imaging classification for liver cancer diagnosis
  • 2022/02: open position as Associate Lecturer in the team - contact us for more information
  • 2022/01/27: Kick-off meeting of the Smart-FCA ANR project (local coordinator Florence Le Ber, collaborators : A. Braud, X. Dolques, A. Leborgne, S. Marc-Zwecker)
  • 2022/01: Cédric Wemmert is designated as a member of the INSERM's Commission scientifique spécialisée "Cancérologie, maladies génétiques (CSS2)
  • 2022/01: Zeeshan Nisar, Thomas Lampert, Jelica Vasiljević, Pierre Gançarski's paper Towards Measuring Domain Shift in Histopathological Stain Translation in an Unsupervised Manner was accepted in ISBI 2022
  • 2022/01: Cédric Wemmert is the new team leader with Nicolas Lachiche as deputy head


  • 2021/11/20: Welcome to Héloïse!!!
  • 2021/10/15: Thomas Lampert will moderate the session 'Automated learning for anonymisation and categorisation of cases in the work of the judiciary' at the Council of Europe's international workshop 'ECHR knowledge-sharing with national courts: Legal and technical aspects'
  • 2021/10: ITI HealthTech project 'Analysis of surgical videos of hand fractures for AI-assisted training' in collaboration with Thomas Lampert, Nicolas Padoy (TPS/IHU Strasbourg) and Philippe Liberneaux (CHU Strasbourg) has been accepted and TPS student Camille GRAEFF has joined us for her internship
  • 2021/10: Start of the MoS-T project (ANR JCJC) (Coordinator: A. Leborgne, collaborators : F. Le Ber, A. Vacavant, T. Lampert, C. Meillier, A. Capobianco)
  • 2021/09: Aurélie Leborgne, Maria Kirandjiska and Florence Le Ber's paper Random generation of a locally consistent spatio-temporal graph was accepted in ICCS 2021
  • 2021/08: Nvidia have kindly donated an A100 GPU to Thomas Lampert for his research on Unsupervised Domain Invariant Representation Learning
  • 2021/07: Mihailo Obrenovic, Thomas Lampert, and Pierre Gançarski's paper SS-HIDA: Semi-Supervised Heterogeneous Image Domain Adaptation was accepted in the Machine Learning for Earth Observation (MACLEAN) Workshop (ECML/PKDD)
  • 2021/07: Jelica Vasiljevic, Cedric Wemmert, and Thomas Lampert's paper Towards Histopathological Stain Invariance by Unsupervised Domain Augmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks was accepted in Neurocomputing
  • 2021/06/29-07/02 ICFCA 2021 is organised virtually by the team
  • 2021/06: Prof. Daniel Edmund O'Leary, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business (USA), has won the Fulbright scholarship to visit SDC from January to May 2022 upon the invitation of Thomas Lampert
  • 2021/06: Thomas Lampert has been selected for the US department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
  • 2021/06: Aurélie Leborgne, Maria Kirandjiska and Florence Le Ber's paper Génération aléatoire d'un graphe spatio-temporel localement cohérent was accepted in CNIA 2021
  • 2021/05: Thomas Lampert gave a talk at the GDR ISIS meeting Apprentissage automatique multimodal et fusion d'informations on Domain Invariant Representation Learning with Multi-Modal Images
  • 2021/05: Thomas Lampert gave a talk on AI to Russian civil servants at a session co-organised by the Council of Europe and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • 2021/05: Thomas Lampert is on the Program Committee of the Upper-Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2021
  • 2021/05: Internship of Léo Wehrli on the construction of relational lattices based on a graph database (supervision: A. Braud, X. Dolques and F. Le Ber)
  • 2021/04: Internship of Laurine LAFONTAINE on frequent pattern mining on graphs via deep learning (supervision: A. Leborgne, F. Le Ber and A. Vacavant)
  • 2021/04: Jelica Vasiljevic, Cedric Wemmert, and Thomas Lampert's paper Self Adversarial Attack as an Augmentation Method for Immunohistochemical Stainings was accepted in ISBI 2021
  • 2021/04: Internships of Eva Diaw and Pierre Woll on the the development of features for a data mining platform (supervision: F. Le Ber and A. Braud)
  • 2021/04: Internship of Ercan Sarpcan on the the development of an interface for a data mining platform (supervision: P. Gançarski)
  • 2021/03: PARADISE project (MITI CNRS) is granted, in collaboration with ARCHIMEDE (UMR 7044), BSC (UMR 7242), Herbier de Strasbourg. Coordinator: V. Pitchon (ARCHIMEDE)
  • 2021/02: Internship of Kaoutar SADOUKI on graphs embedding (supervision: A. Leborgne, F. Le Ber and A. Vacavant)
  • 2021/01: EGC 2021 Application prize for the paper "Classification de séries temporelles hétérogènes pour le suivi de l'état des cours d'eau", authors: A. Braud, P. Gançarski, C. Grac (LIVE), A. Herrmann (ITES), F. Le Ber, H. Vernier
  • 2020/01: Welcome to Thomas Lampert, who joins the team on a Chaire industrielle position in Artificial Intelligence
  • 2020/01: FoDoMuST platform is awarded the prize of Best demonstration at EGC 2020. Congratulations to Abdou, Baptiste and Harrison!

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • June 27, 2022, permanents
  • June 20, 2022, stages courts
  • May 30, 2022, permanents
  • May 9, 2022, canceled, no meeting
  • April 25, 2022, permanents, plateforme GAIA
  • April 11, 2022, Emmanuel Franck, le groupe Machine Learning à l'IRMA
  • March 28, 2022, permanents
  • March 14, 2022, Inès Jorge, IA-batteries
  • February 28, 2022, permanents
  • February 21, 2022, Aurélie, le projet MoS-T
  • January 31, 2022, permanents
  • January 17, 2022, répétitions EGC
  • January 3, 2022, canceled, no meeting