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  • 2024/04: Thomas Lampert has been appointed as an expert on AI for the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), Council of Europe.


  • 2023/12: Project HistoGraph on Multi-Site Multi-Modal Histopathological Diagnostic Support using Graph Representations - to develop an advanced AI based diagnostic framework for histopathology led by Thomas Lampert in collaboration with Johannes Lutzeyer from École Polytechnique and IHU Strasbourg is funded by the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR)
  • 2023/11: the GDR MaDICS supports for three years the action on the Processing of Health related Data co-animated by Nicolas Lachiche
  • 2023/11: A. Díaz, B. Prieto, J. Escobar, Thomas Lampert's paper Vampire: A Smart Energy Meter for Synchronous Monitoring in a Distributed Computer System was accepted in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing.
  • 2023/09: Congratulations to Mihailo Obrenović who defended his PhD on September 29th entitled 'Learning Domain Invariant Representations of Heterogeneous Image Data'
  • 2023/09: Congratulations to Hussein El Amouri who defended his PhD on September 22th entitled 'Learning Explainable Constrained Representation for Time-Series'
  • 2023/07: Mihailo Obrenović, Thomas Lampert, Miloš Ivanović, Pierre Gançarski's paper Learning Domain Invariant Representations of Heterogeneous Image Data was accepted in Machine Learning (and will also be presented at ECML 2023)
  • 2023/07: Hussein El Amouri, Thomas Lampert, Pierre Gançarski, and Clement Mallet's paper Constrained DTW Preserving Shapelets for Explainable Time-Series Clustering was accepted in Pattern Recognition
  • 2023/06: Jelica Vasiljević, Friedrich Feuerhake, Cédric Wemmert, Thomas Lampert's paper HistoStarGAN: A Unified Approach to Stain Normalisation, Stain Transfer and Stain Invariant Segmentation in Renal Histopathology was accepted in Knowledge-Based Systems
  • 2023/06: Project CHOICED CHoice Of referral between City medicine or Emergency Department led by Laure Abensur (SAMU 57) in collaboration with Cédric Wemmert is funded by Girci Grand Est ReSP-IR
  • 2023/06: Mihailo Obrenović, Thomas Lampert, Miloš Ivanović, Pierre Gançarski's paper Constrained-HIDA: Heterogeneous Image Domain Adaptation Guided by Constraints was accepted in ECML 2023
  • 2023/06: Project MAIA on Multimodal Analysis of Imagomics by AI - new approaches to primary liver cancers led by Cédric Wemmert in collaboration with Valérie Paradis' team in Beaujon hospital and IMAGeS team (ICube) is funded by INSERM Plan Cancer
  • 2023/05: Welcome to Federico Zucchi who has started a PhD (CIFRE) with Thomas Lampert on EEG signal analysis with Cephalgo
  • 2023/05/11: Aurélie Leborgne led the annual work group GAST (Spatial-temporal data management and analysis) day on the theme of maritime data
  • 2023/04: Thomas Lampert was appointed by the Council of Europe as an expert to create an online training course on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights for the Council of Europe's Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) programme
  • 2023/03: Thomas Lampert gave an invited talk to the OBELIX team, IRISA Lab, Université Bretagne-Sud on "Semi-supervised learning in multi-modal images and time-series"
  • 2023/01: Congratulations to Nicolas Lachiche who is promoted Full Professor!


  • 2022/12: The French/German TETRA project on Methodology and tools for AI-based projects in water management in collaboration with Thales has been funded by the ANR (SDC lead: Florence Le Ber)
  • 2022/12: The ENERGETIC project on battery storage systems, Artificial Intelligence, digital twins and Cloud computing for the development of new BMS standards, in collaboration with SMH (ICube) and 13 european academic and industrial partners, has been funded by the Horizon Europe D02-01-09 (SDC lead Ahmed Samet)
  • 2022/12: The Industrial Chaire of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence held by Thomas Lampert has received additional funding from the Grand Est to support ICube's GAIA platform
  • 2022/12: Thomas Lampert has spent two weeks visiting research and administrative bodies in the US under the US State Department's IVLP program
  • 2022/12: The IMPULSE project on Multimodal approach to detect and assess the risk of malignancy of IPMN, a frequent pancreatic precancerous lesion in collaboration with Jérôme Cros, Beaujon hospital, Paris and Rémy Nicolle, Inflammation research center, Paris has been funded by ARC (SDC lead Cédric Wemmert)
  • 2022/12: Congratulations to Florian Allender who defended his PhD on Data augmentation for histopathological images analysis: approaches by image generation and spatial deformations for glomeruli segmentation
  • 2022/10: The XQUALITY project for Explainable Quality Assurance and Diagnosis in Manufacturing Processes has been funded by the ANR (SDC lead: Ahmed Samet)
  • 2022/10: Welcome to Camille Graeff who starts her PhD in the team, supervised by Thomas Lampert on Hand Fracture Surgical Video Analysis for AI-Based Training and Surgical Safety
  • 2022/09: Jelica Vasiljević, Zeeshan Nisar, Friedrich Feuerhake, Cédric Wemmert, Thomas Lampert's paper CycleGAN for virtual stain transfer: is seeing really believing? was accepted in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
  • 2022/09: Congratulations to Jelica Vasiljević who will defend her PhD on September 22th (room A301 - 13:30) about Generative adversarial networks in digital pathology: stain transfer and deep learning model invariance to stain variation
  • 2022/09: Welcome to Baptiste Lafabrègue and Franco Giustozzi who integrate the team as Associate Professors!
  • 2022/06: Hussein El Amouri, Thomas Lampert, Pierre Gançarski, and Clement Mallet's paper CDPS: Constrained DTW-Preserving Shapelets was accepted in ECML 2022
  • 2022/06: Thomas Lampert (and Philippe Liverneaux, MMB) obtained a ITI HealthTech PhD scholarship for Camille Graeff to continue her work on the project Hand Fracture Surgical Video Analysis for AI-Based Training and Surgical Safety
  • 2022/06: Congratulations to Xavier Jurado (supervision Cédric Wemmert and José Vazquez) who wins the PhD thesis prize from the University of Strasbourg Foundation for his work on air pollution real time monitoring system in collaboration with Air&D
  • 2022/05: Welcome to Coralie Chaumeron who starts her internship in the team, working on fake radiology generation for carpal dislocation diagnosis
  • 2022/05: The next french symposium from the French Association for Artificial Intelligence will be held in Strasbourg and organized by the team in 2023
  • 2022/06: Michal Parusinski (SERTIT) and Thomas Lampert's paper A Study on Generalizing Building Extraction Models to Unseen Datasets Using Source Domain Transfer was accepted in IGARSS 2022
  • 2022/03: Welcome to Kossi Fianko who starts his internship in the team, working on MALDI imaging classification for liver cancer diagnosis
  • 2022/03: The SCO CNES project AIOnWetlands has been financed, ICube Lead Thomas Lampert
  • 2022/02: open position as Associate Lecturer in the team - contact us for more information
  • 2022/01/27: Kick-off meeting of the Smart-FCA ANR project (local coordinator Florence Le Ber, collaborators : A. Braud, X. Dolques, A. Leborgne, S. Marc-Zwecker)
  • 2022/01: Cédric Wemmert is designated as a member of the INSERM's Commission scientifique spécialisée "Cancérologie, maladies génétiques (CSS2)
  • 2022/01: Zeeshan Nisar, Thomas Lampert, Jelica Vasiljević, Pierre Gançarski's paper Towards Measuring Domain Shift in Histopathological Stain Translation in an Unsupervised Manner was accepted in ISBI 2022
  • 2022/01: Cédric Wemmert is the new team leader with Nicolas Lachiche as deputy head

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • June 24, 2024, permanents
  • June 10, 2024, Vanessa
  • May 27, 2024, présentation des correspondants formation
  • May 13, 2024, annulée
  • April 15, 2024, tour de table et organisation du master SDSC
  • March 25, 2024, permanents EGC 2025
  • March 18, 2024, permanents master SDSC
  • February 26, 2024, permanents
  • February 12, 2024, Camille
  • January 29, 2024, permanents
  • January 8, 2024, pas de réunion !
  • December 11, 2023
  • November 27, 2023, permanents
  • November 13, 2023
  • October 23, 2023, permanents
  • October 9,2023, Amel
  • September 25, 2023, permanents