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Current projects

  • TETRA (2023-2026) : Toolbox and mEthodology for waTeR based Ai projects -- Funding ANR (Appel franco-allemand) -- in collaboration with Thales, Fraunhofer IOSB (leader), SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG.
  • IMPULSE (2023-2025) - Multimodal approach to detect and assess the risk of malignancy of IPMN, a frequent pancreatic precancerous lesion - Funding: ARC - in collaboration with Hôpital Beaujon (leader, Paris).
  • SmartFCA (2022-2026) - Formal Concept Analysis: A Smart Tool for Analyzing Complex Data - Funding: ANR - in collaboration with LIRMM (leader, Montpellier), LORIA (Nancy), IRISA (Rennes), L3I (La Rochelle), CIRAD, Infologic.
  • MoS-T (2021-2025) - Recherche et visualisation de Motifs Spatio- Temporels fréquents dans un grand graphe - Funding: ANR JCJC - in collaboration with Institut Pascal (Le Puy-en-Velay).
  • PARADISE (2021-2022) - Medieval pharmacopeia for designing tomorrow medicine - Funding: CNRS MITI - in collaboration with ARCHIMEDE, BSC, Herbier de Strasbourg
  • Hérelles (2020-2024) - Un cadre collaboratif unifié pour l’analyse interactive de données temporelles - Funding: ANR - in collaboration with TETIS, AgroParistech, GREYC, LIFO
  • Mi:EDGE (2020-2023) - Modelling cell plasticity at the invasive Edge to Diminish Glioblastoma Early relapse risk in collaboration with Medical School of Hannover (Germany), Istituto Humanitas (Italy), Luxembourg Centre of Neuropathology (Luxembourg) and IRIMAS (France) - Funding: ERACoSysmed/ANR
  • AiCOLO (2019-2022) - Artificial intelligence to determine prognosis and mutation status in colorectal cancer using histological slides in collaboration with CGFL Dijon and IRIMAS - Funding: INSERM-Plan Cancer
  • HIATUS (2019-2023) - Historical Image Analysis for Territory evolUtion Stories (PRCE) in collaboration with LaSTIG, LETG, DYNAFOR, LIVE and Kermap

Past projects

  • POPLAB (2020-2021) : Innovative framework for education - Funding: AMI Economie numérique - Région Grand-Est
  • AIGE FOR BANK (2020-2021) : Artificial intelligence, governance and ethics - Funding: CNRS / Enjeux scientifiques et sociaux de l’intelligence artificielle
  • ARISE (2020-2021): Artificial intelligence in the science system - Funding: CNRS / Enjeux scientifiques et sociaux de l’intelligence artificielle
  • Pancréas CGE (2019-2020): Multiparametric analysis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in collaboration with Pathology dpt (HUS) and Cancéropôle Est - Funding: Région Grand-Est
  • ADQeau (2019-2020) : Analyse de la dynamique temporelle de la qualité physico-chimique et biologique des cours d’eau in collaboration with LIVE - Funding: Conseil scientifique ENGEES
  • HALFBACK (2017-2020) : Highly available smart factories in the cloud. Funded in the framework of the INTERREG V Upper Rhine program, through the Offensive Sciences call for projects of the Tri-National Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine. Partners: Hochschule Furtwangen, INSA Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg
  • DA_HPC_OR (2018-2019) : EUCOR Seed Money - Data Analysis for High Performance Computing : Operation and Research
  • SysMIFTA (2016-2019): ERACoSysMed - Systems medicine approach to minimize macrophage-associated interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy in renal allograft rejection
  • Sysimit (2013-2019): BMBF - Systems Immunology and Image Mining in Translational Tissue Biomarker Research: Mining the spatial patterns of adaptive immune responses to persisting tissue antigens to exploit the full predictive potential of protocol biopsies in transplantation and cancer research
  • SEMNET (Sensor Networks for Smart Factories) - API ICube (2017-2018): this projet is an internal collaboration with the Network research team. Its objective is to analyze experimental data collected from the IoT-Lab (Internet of Things platform of the Network team), by applying data mining and machine learning techniques, in order to better understand the behaviour of the sensor network, and to propose algorithms for the diagnosis of network failure.
  • NEUROTEX - API ICube (2017-2018): this project is an internal collaboration with the IGG research team. Convolutional neural networks for texture synthesis.