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  • Methods for analysis of remote sensing images all along the process: image, vectorisation (objects) , classification
  • Tomographical reconstruction for cryo-electron microscopy

Environment and Water

Knowledge extraction from spatio-temporal data in environmental domains

Spatio-temporal data are numerous in environmental domains, e.g. agroecology or hydroecology. These domains also require to develop operational tools to help in the interpretation of the complex information concerning their functioning, as well as the results of ongoing action programmes. To exploit these data we adopt a knowledge discovery process. We both work on data structuration and preparation, and propose to explore various data mining approaches and make them collaborating, always involving experts from other labs (LIVE Strasbourg, TETIS Montpellier, INRA Mirecourt).

Industry 4.0

  • Formalisation of the communication layers in the framework of Smart Factories
  • Understanding the tactile perception of a product, with focus on sensory measurements in production.