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  • 2020/10: Welcome to Olivier Schirm who starts is PhD in collaboration with [ Visorando] (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/10: Welcome to Zeeshan Nisar who starts is PhD in the team (supervision: P. Gançarski and T. Lampert)
  • 2020/10: Welcome to Hussein El Amouri who starts his PhD in the HIATUS project (supervision: P. Gançarski and T. Lampert)
  • 2020/09: Mihailo Obrenović joins the team as an engineer under the supervision of the Chair in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • 2020/09: Ilias Rmouque joins the team for a 6 months engineer internship, working on unsupervised deep learning for histopathological images (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: Welcome to Bonan Cuan who starts a postdoc on the Mi-EDGE project (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: Welcome to Amina Ben Hamida who starts a postdoc on the AiCOLO project (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: The team will organise the 16th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis, ICFCA 2021 29 Jun-2 Jul 2021
  • 2020/06: Internship of Ezriel Steinberg on spatiotemporal patterns matching (supervision: A. Leborgne, F. Le Ber and S. Marc-Zwecker)
  • 2020/06: Internship of Nabil Manssour on the analysis of ICU data (supervision: N. Lachiche)
  • 2020/06: Mamadou Ben Hamidou Cissoko got a PhD grant (supervision: N. Lachiche and G. Frey)
  • 2020/06: arrival of Alena Speranskaya (Master Sciences des Données et des Systèmes Complexes, Université de Strasbourg) for a one month internship. She will work with Agnès Braud and Florence Le Ber on representing and querying the result of Relational Concept Analysis in Neo4j
  • 2020/06 : Aurélie Leborgne fait une présentation à la journée IA&SAnté (plateforme IA) le 29 juin
  • 2020/05 : Le projet POPLAB a été retenu et financé par la région GRAND EST - AMI ECONOMIE NUMERIQUE (P. Gançarski - D. Bernard (Lilpa))
  • 2020/03: Deux projets financés par le CNRS dans le cadre de l'appel sur les Enjeux scientifiques et sociaux de l’IA
  • 2020/01: Welcome to Thomas Lampert, who joins the team on a 'Chaire industrielle' position in Artificial Intelligence
  • 2020/01: La plateforme FoDoMuST a obtenu le Prix « Démo » à EGC 2020. Merci à Abdou, Baptiste et Harrison
  • 2019/10: Mi-EDGE project is granted! ERACoSysMed european project in collaboration with Hannover Medical School (Hannover, Deutschland), Centre for Infection Research (Braunschweig, Deutschland), Centre for Systems Biomedicine (Luxembourg), Istituto Clinico Humanitas (Milan, Italy)
  • 2019/10: Florence Le Ber gave a course on spatial reasoning during the Institut d’Automne en Intelligence Artificielle (IA2).
  • 2019/09: AICOLO project is granted (INSERM/Plan Cancer) in collaboration with Centre G.-F. Leclerc (Dijon) and IRIMAS (Mulhouse)
  • 2019/09: PANCREAS-CGE is granted (Cancéropôle Grand-Est) in collaboration with Pathological department of Hautepierre Hospital

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • plateformes (AICS)
  • June 28, permanents
  • June 14
  • May 31, permanents
  • May 10
  • April 26, permanents
  • April 12
  • March 29, permanents
  • March 8
  • February 22, permanents
  • February 8
  • January 25, permanents
  • January 11
  • December 14, Ines
  • November 30, permanents
  • November 9, Jelica
  • October 26, permanents
  • October 12: Présentation de Zainab Maalej : electronic health record events prediction, a new approach based on deep learning
  • September 28, permanents
  • September 14: réflexion sur la présentation de l'équipe