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  • 2021/04: Internships of Eva Diaw and Pierre Woll on the the development of features for a data mining platform (supervision: F. Le Ber and A. Braud)
  • 2021/04: Internship of Ercan Sarpcan on the the development of an interface for a data mining platform (supervision: P. Gançarski)
  • 2021/03: PARADISE project (MITI CNRS) is granted, in collaboration with ARCHIMEDE (UMR 7044), BSC (UMR 7242), Herbier de Strasbourg. Coordinator. V. Pitchon (ARCHIMEDE)
  • 2021/02: Internship of Kaoutar SADOUKI on graphs embedding (supervision: A. Leborgne, F. Le Ber and A. Vacavant)
  • 2021/01: EGC 2021 Application prize for the paper "Classification de séries temporelles hétérogènes pour le suivi de l'état des cours d'eau", authors: A. Braud, P. Gançarski, C. Grac (LIVE), A. Herrmann (ITES), F. Le Ber, H. Vernier
  • 2020/10: Welcome to Olivier Schirm who starts a PhD in collaboration with Visorando (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/10: Welcome to Zeeshan Nisar who starts his PhD in the team (supervision: P. Gançarski and T. Lampert)
  • 2020/10: Welcome to Hussein El Amouri who starts his PhD in the HIATUS project (supervision: P. Gançarski and T. Lampert)
  • 2020/09: Mihailo Obrenović joins the team as a research engineer - Chair in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (supervision T. Lampert)
  • 2020/09: Ilias Rmouque joins the team for a 6 months engineer internship, working on unsupervised deep learning for histopathological images (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: Welcome to Bonan Cuan who starts a postdoc on the Mi-EDGE project (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: Welcome to Amina Ben Hamida who starts a postdoc on the AiCOLO project (supervision: C. Wemmert)
  • 2020/09: The team will organise the 16th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis, ICFCA 2021 29 Jun-2 Jul 2021
  • 2020/06: Internship of Ezriel Steinberg on spatiotemporal patterns matching (supervision: A. Leborgne, F. Le Ber and S. Marc-Zwecker)
  • 2020/06: Internship of Nabil Manssour on the analysis of ICU data (supervision: N. Lachiche)
  • 2020/06: Mamadou Ben Hamidou Cissoko got a PhD grant (supervision: N. Lachiche and G. Frey)
  • 2020/06: Arrival of Alena Speranskaya (Master Sciences des Données et des Systèmes Complexes, Université de Strasbourg) for a one month internship. She will work with Agnès Braud and Florence Le Ber on representing and querying the result of Relational Concept Analysis in Neo4j
  • 2020/06 : Aurélie Leborgne will give a talk to IA&Santé (AI plateform)
  • 2020/05: POPLAB project is granted (Région Grand-Est - AMI Economie numérique) (P. Gançarski and D. Bernard (Lilpa))
  • 2020/01: Welcome to Thomas Lampert, who joins the team on a Chaire industrielle position in Artificial Intelligence
  • 2020/01: FoDoMuST platform is awarded the prize of Best demonstration at EGC 2020. Congratulations to Abdou, Baptiste and Harrison!

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • plateformes (AICS)
  • June 28, permanents
  • June 14
  • May 31, permanents
  • May 10
  • April 26, permanents
  • April 12, Olivier Schirmm, Génération automatique de chemins pédestres à partir d'enregistrements GPS en collaboration avec la société Visorando
  • March 29, permanents, Vincent Nguyen
  • March 8
  • February 22, permanents
  • February 8
  • January 25, permanents
  • January 18, EGC presentations
  • December 14, Ines
  • November 30, permanents
  • 2020/11/09 - Jelica Vasiljevic talks about GAN based data augmentation for histopathological image segmentation
  • October 26, permanents
  • 2020/10/12: Presentation of Zainab Maalej on Electronic health record events prediction, a new approach based on deep learning
  • September 28, permanents
  • September 14: réflexion sur la présentation de l'équipe